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We specialize in Cornrows and Braiding

Hair braids and Cornrows have been a tried and tested hair style for generations. You won’t go wrong.


These are a traditional African style of hair grooming where the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to produce a continuous, raised row. Cornrows are often formed, as the name implies, in simple, straight lines, but they can also be formed in complicated geometric or curvilinear designs.

Often favored for their easy maintenance, cornrows can be left in for weeks at a time if maintained through careful washing of the hair and regular oiling of the scalp.



These are individual plaits that are usually divided by small squared off parts or boxes. Box braids may be of any width or length, but most women add synthetic or natural hair to the braid for length as well as thickness and fullness. The great thing about these braids is that because they are not attached to the scalp, the braids may be manipulated into several different styles, resembling styles worn in long, relaxed hair. With proper care, these braids may last up to 3 months depending on hair growth. Remember to keep the scalp oiled.



While crochet braids are a hybrid of traditional braids, they’re considered to be more similar to weaves. The natural hair can be twisted or braided, but is most commonly styled into cornrows before affixing the synthetic hair. Using a latch hook or crochet hook, the synthetic hair (in the form of loose bulk) is then attached.

Parts of the hair extensions are grabbed by the hook and pulled through the underside of each cornrow, working from the front of the hair to the back at a 90 degree angle.



These are  two stranded twists with extensions. Marley twists use the two strand braiding method, which makes it resemble a dreadlock (hence, Marley twists). Havana twists use the same type of hair and the same two strand twist, but they’re much thicker than Marley twists.



A rat-tail is a hair style that is characterized by a long “tail”-like element of hair growing downward from the back of the head. The rat-tail usually hangs naturally; however, it can be braided, treated as a dread, permed, straightened, or curled with an iron. In some instances, an individual might choose to grow several tails as opposed to a single very long tail.


Pricing is usually subject to the length of your natural hair, and if extensions are required. Feel free to call or stop by for a no obligation consultation by our expert stylist.We provide excellent service at affordable prices. We will work with your budget the best we can to achieve the look you will love.



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